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Dream 1: Yesterday morning (6/8/22) I was translated to Afghanistan. I had to be careful not to been seen as I walking the streets, so I wouldn’t be arrested or kidnapped by the Taliban. As I was looking down this road suddenly, I saw this truck filled with men dressed in black coming towards me. As my vision became clear, I saw this truck coming towards me that was filled with ISIS Taliban fighters. Upon waking I asked the Lord what he was showing me. I sense the Lord saying, where ISIS has been laying dormant they will be coming to the forefront once again in the next 3-6months.

This spirit desires to take advantage of the distractions, war going on in the world, and the weak leadership of our nation. We must pray for the plans of the enemy it be revealed, foiled, and for our government to be strengthened where it’s weak.

Dream 2: This morning (6/9/22) I was at the gas pump getting gas for my car. Suddenly, the numbers at the pump kept rising and going crazy. It drained the money from one account and I had to use another account to pay. It would not stop and drained the other account. I tried to take the gas nozzle out of the gas tank and I lost control of it. The gasoline continued to pour out of the gas pumps and nozzles nobody could stop it.

As I began to pray into the dream, the Lord talked to me about an example of when someone has a major wound the bleeding is profuse. In order to stop the bleeding, there must be pressure applied to the wound. Right now one of the strategies or hidden agendas behind these rising gas prices is too bleed out the money of the people. By doing this and along with other factors it will cause our nation to go into recession.

We must pray, and put pressure on this issue in the spirit to expose hidden agendas and the spirit behind this. In this hour don’t allow fear to grip you. As believers we come from a different Kingdom and have access to unlimited resources. No matter how bad it gets we have access to supernatural provision. As you pray, God is going to give you the wisdom and strategy in this season and the years to come that will sustain you and your family.

-Prophet Madeline James

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