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The Prophetic Voice of Africa Shall Rise Again

This evening (1/15/21) I was resting and scrolling through some things on social media, when suddenly I was taken into a vision. I saw the country of Africa and I heard the Lord say, “The prophetic voice of Africa shall rise again!” The Lord began to show me a changing of guard taking place in the prophetic in Africa. New prophetic leaders are coming to the forefront. More voices will go home to be with the Lord, and some the Lord is removing because of the mixture. This is making room and way for a new generation of pure prophetic voices. I saw an army of pure prophetic voices rising out of Africa, especially the millennials. I saw them being thrusted and sent into the nations especially America over the next 5-10 years.

Once again Africa shall be known for power and demonstration that is pure and without mixture. I see a fresh wave of revival sweeping across Africa. The Lord says, “I have not forgotten you Africa. For I am doing a new thing. There will be shaking, upheaval, and changes of power but it will lead to My purposes being fulfilled. “ I see new discoveries of natural resources and minerals being unearthed that will bring much needed wealth to the nation. I see a resurgence and a fresh prosperity coming to the coffee industry in Africa. The Lord says, “Africa you are my diamond on the ruff.”

~Prophet MJ~

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