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The Lord Is Awakening Our Ears

It’s important in every season to discern the purpose and keys or insight, that will help you get through and maximize your season. We are amid an active prophetic season where much is taking place in spirit and the natural. Many people get stuck in the hallways of a season, the place between the last season and the next, because of a lack of prophetic vision. Proverbs 29:18 AMP declares, “Where there is no vision (no revelation of God and His word), the people are unrestrained.” Prophetic insight and revelation lights the path we’re on and shows us how to move in our seasons.

In this season not only is vision important but there is an emphasis on hearing. In Matthew 11:15 AMP Jesus said, “He who has an ear to hear, let him hear and heed My words.” In the Greek the word for hearing, akouō, means to comprehend, understand, perceive what is said and announced. The reason the pharisees could not ascend or connect their insight and revelation to what Jesus was saying was because, their spiritual ears were closed. They were hearing but not really hearing what the Spirit of God was saying through Jesus. Because of that they missed their moment with him.

I had a dream Saturday 10-15-22 where I was getting ready to board a plane on Spirit Airlines. In the natural I’ve never flown on this airline, so I knew it meant flying in the realm of the Spirit. Before I could get on board the plane, the flight attendant asked me if my ears were ok. They went on to further explain, that only certain people could fly this airline. The reason being, if their ears were not able to adjust to the altitude it would cause their ears to get out of balance and equilibrium. I was able to board the plane because my ears were able to function properly and adjust.

As I prayed into the dream, I felt this was a corporate word for the Body of Christ. It’s time to for the Body of Christ to allow the Lord to tune our ears for the time and season we’re in. What does it mean to tune? To tune means to adjust (musical instrument) to the correct or uniform pitch; to adjust a radio or television receiver to respond to waves of a particular frequency ( Every season has a different sound or cadence of the spirit that will lead us. Are you tunned to His sound? Jesus said in John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me.” God already put the equipment in us that we need to hear him. Sometimes it just needs to be activated again where our hearing has grown dull.

In Isaiah 50:4 it says, “The Lord God has given Me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. He awakens Me morning by morning, He awakens My ear to hear as the learned.” That word for awaken in Hebrew, ûr, means to stir up and to rouse. When was the last time you were excited to hear His voice or wait in anticipation to hear Him? It’s one thing to be awakened to hear, to tune your ears to him, but we must be attuned to the Father. When we are attuned, we are aware, attentive, and responsive (

Ask the Holy Spirit to not only tune your ears to His voice but, may your spiritual ears be attentive and responsive. To make your ears more sensitive to His voice you must know the Word of God. The Word of God is His voice. Romans 10:17 declares, “So then faith comes by hearing by hearing the Word of God.” To grow your faith and His voice in your life, you must know the word. The Word of God brings clarity to His voice and where there is confusion. When you know the Word, you’ll be able to discern His voice no matter the season. And when your ear is tuned to His voice, you’ll have a word in due season for those who need it.

I declare and decree in this season you will hear the voice of God and His sound with precision. He’s awakening your ears to be attentive and responsive to Him.  May you be so sensitive to His leading that you will hear him say go this way or that way and follow (Isaiah 30:21). The Lord is removing all the blockages and hinderances that have affected your hearing. Fresh fire is being released over and in your ears, now in Jesus name.

Prophet Madeline James

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