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The Angel of Harmony Is Being Released & You Will Pivot In October 2021

As we stepped into October the Lord began to highlight the significance of the month to me. October is the tenth month. Ten prophetically means complete, completion of a cycle, and divine order. Concerning this month, the Lord began to speak to me about the importance of our hearts coming into alignment with the instructions of Heaven being released. How you position yourself in this season is important.

The Lord showed me many would come into October one way but would leave out a different way because of a divine shift. I heard the Lord say, “My people will pivot in October.” To pivot means the action of turning around a point, the action of pivoting, to turn or twist (plot twist ). There’s about to be a plot twist in your story in October.

In this season it’s important to align your heart and motives to want the Lord is doing and what He desires to do in your life. Your obedience in the season will unlock promotion in the season to come. Obedience will cause you to live in a place of promotion and acceleration. It’s vital to align your heart and desires with the Lord and, allow Him to burn up anything that would cause you to come out of alignment with Him.

The Angel of Harmony

In the beginning of October I had a dream where the angel of Harmony came to me asked if I wanted to hire them to work for me. In the dream I debated back and forth and the angel came back to me asked me, “Are you going to hire me or not. I hired the angel of Harmony to work for me. From that point on, things began to align and shift in my life that was not in alignment before. As I studied I found out this angel is the angel referred to in Revelation 8:8-9. It’s the second angel who blows the trumpet. This angel is also known by the name Raguel. This is an arch angel that deals with or releases justice, harmony, and redemption

What does harmony mean? Harmony is an agreement of ideas, feelings, or actions or a combination of different parts. In music it’s the coming together of different sounds, frequencies, and pitches that releases a pleasant sound. When we have a lack of harmony there is a dissonance created. Dissonance is a tension, a lack of agreement and clashing because, two disharmonious or unsuitable elements are trying to do their own thing and they are going in different directions. The Lord wants to bring agreement into your life so the war and tension ceases. Amos 3:3 says, “How can two walk together unless they are agreed.” Although this is talking about people we can put this on the things going on in our life.

The warfare you’ve been dealing with is because part of the strategy of the attack is to cause your relationships, your job, your spiritual growth, your, ministry, the timing of God to come out of agreement or alignment with the will and purposes of God. The Lord wants to release a recalibration. A resetting, so everything that is out of order in your life can come into agreement. When that happens in your life, breakthrough can be released. This is part of the job of the angel of Harmony. One of the main functions of this angel to bring conviction, so the heart of man will align with God and it also aligns the hearts of man with each other. As you put the angel of Harmony to work with the Word of God, watch in the next few weeks

When you pivot, one foot has to stay planted. That’s key. You have to stay planted in God. Refuse to be intimidated as the enemy is right in your face. Don’t allow the enemy to get you back on your heels. Now is the moment you have to protect the ball. The ball represents the prophetic promise or promises you’ve been carrying. when youre the motion of pivoting you have to protect the ball. It’s important to guard the promises and prophetic words you’re carrying. Don’t allow the enemy to steal them or take them. Wage war with them and use them as weapons like Paul told timothy (1 Timothy 1:18). The Lord showed me, many feel like you’re backed into a corner because of circumstances, people, or maybe the enemy. You feel stuck. The thing with Jesus is there’s always options, there’s never not a way out with Jesus (1 Corinthians 10:13). If you’re in a tight spot be encouraged. The tight spot is the place of breakthrough!

The Lord wanted me to tell you ….ITS TIME TO PIVOT. There’s a change of direction coming to you in October. You came in October one way but you’re about to leave this month in another direction. Whatever has been blocking your advancement, God is going to cause you to outmaneuver the enemy.

~Prophet MJ~

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