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The American Eagle (The Prophet)

In August 2021, I was traveling to minister in Louisiana. During the duration of the trip I flew on American Airlines. The logo for AA includes an eagle. The Lord kept highlighting the eagle to me and began to speak to me about the prophets in America. This is what I heard the Lord say, “I’m calling My eagles to take flight again. My eagles have been grounded for a season. There has been necessary a purifying and cleansing. But now it’s time for My eagles to take flight again. I’m releasing My eagles in this season. Fly higher and see wider and farther. Come up higher in My clouds of glory and from there you will see with precision and accuracy to prophesy. My prophets be bold in this hour. I’m releasing fresh boldness over My eagles. There will be an edge to My prophets in this hour that will cut deep to reveal what’s hidden and cut to the heart of the matter. It’s time for My eagles to take flight again. Prophesy and declare what you see eagles. Get into formation, for I’m releasing my fleet of eagles (prophets) in this season.

When I flew into Dallas and Charolette, I sensed not only in the natural are these hubs for the American Airlines (eagle) but this is a prophetic picture that these cities are prophetic hubs. Dallas is a major prophetic hub and region that will carry the glory that will touch the nations. God is doing something new there.

As you look to the east, you will see Charlotte rise. Just as many have felt compelled to move to Dallas, others will feel the same unction to come to Charlotte. Watch Charlotte in the next few years. The Lord has caused Charlotte to rise from the ashes, and has crowned this city with His glory. Much innovation and creativity will come from this this city.

~Prophet MJ~ 9/23/21

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