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While I was scrolling through Fb today (5/31/22) I saw a picture of the Big Ben clock of England because of the Queen’s jubilee. When I saw the picture of Big Ben, I went into a vision. In the vision I saw Big Ben fall. I’ve been sensing for a while a changing of the guard coming and power changing hands. When this happens, we need to pray for the stability of Britain and their role in Europe and the nations. The enemy would love nothing more than to capitalize in a moment of transition. Britain is in a time of divine destiny and tranisition. Prayer will help to ease the transition.

I believe the Big Ben watchtower is also a prophetic picture of Habakkuk 2 and the divine call that Britian has to the nations. May the prophetic intercessors, watchmen, and prophets arise in Great Britain. It’s time go up the watchtower once again and write the vision and release the scrolls of destiny over

Great Britain. God is not done with Great Britain. The Lord desires to use this nation as an ally and watchtower to the nations. O great is your destiny Great Britain the Lord has not forgotten you. The Lion will roar again over Great Britian. Release the runners to release the scrolls of destiny.

For the vision for Great Britian shall come to pass in the appointed time. The appointed time is soon approaching. I declare and decree may Great Britain stand tall in the days to come and be like a lighthouse to the nations. The enemy has come to sift you in this hour and desires to snuff out your light. But you will burn bright in the days to come Great Britain. The nations will look to you once again as a voice of reason. I will expose the corruption and those who seek to use Islam to release another agenda. I will expose the hidden enemy within. The Lion of Judah is roaring over Great Britain. It will be the roar heard around the world. You will stand tall in this hour says the Spirit of Grace.

-Prophet Madeline

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