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Prophetic Word For Asia & North Korea

Another Wave of Glory Is Coming To Asia!

In the beginning of May (5/8/22), I had a dream where I was hosting one of my glory meetings. There were many prophets and apostles there. The glory was so strong to the point people were drunk in the spirit all over.  I was having people share testimonies, when one of the prophets grabbed the microphone and began to share about what God was doing overseas. As they spoke I suddenly heard the voice of the Lord overlap their voice and say, “An

Asian invasion of My glory is coming again to Asia!” Despite the turmoil in the nations,

God is pouring out His spirit. I declare and decree Asia will awaken again to the glory of God being poured out across the land. Awake O Sleeper!

North Korea

7/23/22 I was reading and studying the Word of God Sunday night around midnight when suddenly a vision/picture came in my spirit.  I saw Kim Jong-Un, the dictator of North Korea, standing before me and I heard the Lord say, “His days are numbered.” And I saw the Lord take him down and another rose in his position. Let’s continue to pray for Korea as the nations are rising and falling. The nations are like chess pieces in the hands of the Lord.

-Prophet Madeline James

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