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Dream 3/2/20: I was in a laboratory overseas some where. I was in a part of the laboratory where people were being held against their will to be used for testing. I was able to rescue one of the people being held. After I got them outside I had to go back in and get papers I forgot. I began to snoop around and I saw scientists working on stuff in their labs developing new viruses. On this wall I saw different pictures of different countries. There were slots underneath them that held papers. I began to go through the papers under each country I saw. These documents had documented different viruses that had been released under the radar in certain countries back in the 60’s, 70’s and so forth and they had gathered information from what happened. These documents also showed viruses to be unleashed in the years to come throughout different nations that we’ve not seen yet. The corona virus was like a trial run. The atmosphere in the laboratory was green and sinister. What these scientists were doing, had done, and were going was pure evil. They were trying to play God. They were green with greed and lusting after power. They marveled at how this would affect the nations and economy of nations.

I don’t share this dream to incite more fear, but to make known what is going on and what’s to come. We really need to come together and pray. The corona virus is nothing compared to what the enemy desires to release in the future. Biological warfare will become more prevalent in the years to come. It will be important to heed the Word of the Lord from His true prophets. The Word of the Lord will become a refuge for the people of God. It will be important for the people of God to get a revelation of Psalm 91. This is be an antidote for the things to come.

“Indeed, the Lord God does nothing without revealing his counsel to his servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7 CSB

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