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The morning of 8/21/22 I found myself at the rotunda of Washing D.C. As I was observing I saw a leader of the highest office of government laying there in state. They were wearing a blue suit. There were those coming to pay their respects. I continued to observe and suddenly, I saw this leader trying to get up from the they were laying in state. Immediately, the voice of the Lord said, “My glory has lifted!” When that took place the person fell back down and laid in state.

We are in a season of transition and changing of the guard . As there has been the changing of the guard in England so shall there be in the United States. God is the one who gives power and authority for leaders to rule and He is the one takes it away. I believe the Lord is also saying, stop trying to resurrect old and dead things. His glory is no longer on those things. Continue to pray for our nation. God is releasing justice and exposing what’s been happening in secret. He’s unseating and reseating those who have abused their power in the houses.

Prophet Madeline

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