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Updated: Nov 16, 2021

This morning 3/2/21 I had a prophetic dream concerning California. In the dream I found myself climbing down a massive mountain that was also a waterfall. I was able to find a ledge to sit on to face the ocean. I looked back up to see where I had climbed down from and this waterfall/mountain was massive! The water was such a deep blue and it reached up to the heavens.

As I was sitting on the ledge, I saw other leaders in the Body of Christ and believers that live in California on the beach walking around in their bathing suits, finding their spot to sit like I was. A known prophetic leader in California I recognized, asked me what I was doing in California. I said, “I’m waiting for another wave to come.” At some point the wave had come and we we’re all swimming in the waters and, then I woke up.

As I pressed in for the interpretation, I knew this dream was about another wave of revival coming to California. In the past couple years I’ve had other dreams about the waters of revival rising in California especially in Southern California. In the dream, the waterfall I climbed down was the river that flows from the throne of God. It was massive and stretched down from the heavens. It was such a deep blue color, there was no end to it. The ledge in the dream represents positioning yourself to see the next wave coming and to ready yourself to jump in when it comes. Everyone in the dream had their bathing suits on. It’s important to have the right attire on to fully and probably engage in what God desires to do in California. The wave did come and overtook the whole state of California.

California God is not done with you. You’re greatest days of revival are ahead and coming. Leaders and Body of Christ of California position yourself, another wave of revival is coming that will over take California!!

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