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A Third Wave Of Covid

PLEASE hear me as I release this, it’s not to incite fear but to reveal what’s coming so we can prayer against it. In a dream this morning (5/30/21). I went to go see a known prophet minister. While I was there I began to walk around and found their office. I went into their office and began to look through their prayer points.

The scene switches and I’m staying at a house with multiple people. Suddenly many of them began to fall ill, and those who came to the house were sick. The lady of the house asked me if I was vaccinated. I told her I was not and she told me that I may want to quarantine because everyone was sick with covid.

As I woke up and I began to meditate on the dream, I felt the Lord showing me another wave of Covid was coming. I began to scroll fb. The prophet I saw in my dream, a prayer event of theirs popped up. The prayer event is to pray against a third wave of Covid coming. I believe that is confirmation to what I saw in my dream. Like I said in the beginning, don’t let this incite fear. As the people of God, we need to rise up together and battle this virus in the spirit, so that we can lessen the blow and unravel the assignment of this virus.

~Prophet MJ~

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