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A New Sound Of Worship Shall Rise Out Of Australia

*As the Lord began to burden me with Australia lastnight I had no idea their govt was cracking down again on the church especially concerning singing.

As I was in prayer late lastnight (7/2/21)the Lord began to speak to me about the nation of Australia. I saw another wave of revival and awakening coming upon the nation of Australia in the days to come. As in the 90’s when a worship movement came upon Australia and it touched the nations, so shall I do it again says the Lord. Once again I will touch Australia concerning worship. There will be a new sound coming forth from Australia that will go around the globe and touch the nations once again. For I have created Australia to release the sounds and songs of Heaven to the nations. Even now I’m preparing the leaders that will help govern this fresh move of God and I’m raising up apostolic leaders that will advance the Kingdom of God. Watch for the new sound of worship that will come out of Australia it will carry my breath says the Lord.

~Prophet MJ~

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