Commanding Your Night Season

I’m now taking preorders for My new book Commanding Your Night Season! Books should be in some time at the beginning of January. The Ebook will be available next week or so. $21 that includes S&H.

Rooted In Love

This book is a 30-day devotional that helps you grow deeper in understanding the love of God. When you know the love of God, it brings security and reveals who you are in Christ.

$2.99 Kindle and $10.00 paperback

Declaring Your Morning

As a child of God, you have been given authority to declare, order, and prophesy over your day. Declaring Your Morning will take you through different declarations each morning that will bring wisdom, insight, and instruction on how to declare over your day.

$5.00 Kindle and $9.99 paperback

Prophetic Protocol: A Guide For Young Emerging Prophets

Prophetic Protocol is a book for those desiring to learn more about the process of the prophetic, and what it means to be a prophet. This book discusses the process the Lord takes His prophets and prophetic people through to develop them into their prophetic calling. Prophetic Protocol is a tool to assist and guide the emerging along their prophetic journey.

$14.99 Paperback

Emerge: It’s Your Turn

God has a natural response to chaos and darkness and that is to call light into being. As the light emerges and begins to spread, all darkness begins to dissipate. When God wants a new sound to bring forth His light or purpose, he emerges a new era. Their combative techniques are innovative, thus rendering their upgraded thought process more advanced than the enemy. There is an era emerging that is disenchanted with systems, functions, and the lack of power that is being displayed in the Body of Christ. They are hungry and willing to do what it takes to see the church look like the book of Acts once again. They have new concepts, dress differently, have a different spiritual vernacular, and are ready to wreck this world with the good news of Jesus Christ. Much like Joseph’s, the dreams of this era will intimidate those who have been paralyzed by religion. – Johnathan Stidham

$12.00 Paperback